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All About Inspections!

Inspections are part of the home buying process, and you should always get one by a trusted inspector during the inspection period. It will help inform you of what you're actually purchasing. No one wants unexpected surprises when purchasing a home, so here is everything you'll need to know about a inspections in the home buying process!

  1. What is an inspection period? An inspection period is a period of time in the beginning timeframe of the contract that will allow you (as the buyer) to do your due diligence by having an inspection done. This timeframe is determined by what the seller and the buyer agree upon.

  2. Why is an inspection important? An inspection allows you to view things that you may not have seen when touring a property. Sometimes there unexpected surprises that pop up that the buyer didn't see when touring the property the first time. An inspector will look at the home with a perfect eye and will point out imperfections, whether large or small. This will allow you to know exactly what you're purchasing.

  3. I've had the inspection, now what? Once the inspection is completed, you and your Realtor should review the report together. The report will be very long, and look very intimidating, but your Realtor is there to help you break down the report. It is very rare that a report will come back without any flaws, even new construction can have a couple of "flaws" in the inspectors eyes. It is their duty to find things that are not perfect, and they will show you everything there is to see.

  4. What if the inspection report isn't perfect? At this point, it is important to discuss with your Realtor as this should be dealt with on a case by case basis. An inspection report can be used to re-negotiate the contract in the event that there is something that is unacceptable in the inspection report.

  5. Talk to your Realtor! It is important to stay in close communication with your realtor during the whole process. Questions? Contact me!

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