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Looking for Local Produce?

Finding good quality produce can be difficult, but I've found a few markets that will allow you to shop fresh and local to the Orlando area.

Orlando Farmers Market. This market is open every Sunday from 10am to 3pm and is conveniently located right by Lake Eola! They sell seasonal produce and great food.

Audubon Park Community Market. This market is open every Monday from 5pm-9pm and is located in Winter Park. This market offers seasonal fruits and vegetables, live entertainment, and food stalls.

Packing District Farmers Market. This market is open every Saturday at 8am and is located in the packing district. Although this one is a bit on the smaller side, its a great experience. There are different vendors that sell different products!

Freshfields Farm. If you're looking for more of a grocery setting, you can head to Freshfields Farm! This store also has a small stand that sells ice cream, sandwiches, and other food to munch on!

The Farmacy Online Farmers Market. This is a highly rated online service with outstanding online reviews. For those that want to shop local this is a great option if you've got a lot on your plate and can't make it to a local farmers market! Here is the link.

Support your local farmers!

Questions? Contact me!

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