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What do you Know About New Construction Homes in Florida?

New construction isn't for everyone, but is it for you? If you like the look, it very well might be. New construction tends to lack character that some of the older homes may have, but everything is brand new and typically comes with a ton of plusses in my book!

  1. New construction, many times, comes with a warranty. Builders tend to have high expectations when it comes to their work.

  2. Everything is NEW. Yes, this seems self explanitory, but everything in new homes is brand new which means there is typically only minimal repairs in the near future, if any repairs at all.

  3. New construction communities tend to come with more amenities. This isn't always the case, it depends on which community you choose to live in. Ask your REALTOR, they will be able to get all of that information for you!

  4. They have a plan. Most, if not all, builders have a plan which means that you will know exactly what to expect when you purchase in a new community. It shows the plans for amenities and new houses

  5. Builders may offer money towards closing. Sometimes, when you use a builders preferred lender they may help you with closing costs! Have your REALTOR do research on the preferred lending company before you commit to the lending company.

Yes, new construction has many benefits, but you should always have a REALTOR to protect and guide you in the right direction.

Questions? Contact me!

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