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What Does it Mean to Have a Goal?

First things first, what is a goal? Personally, I define a goal as an achievement (doesn't matter how large or small) that you want to complete.

Having a goal may not seem significant to you, but having a goal is what drives someone to do better. I have yearly, monthly, and weekly goals to keep myself in check. Sometimes it's necessary to hold yourself accountable. Without goals, you have limited control over your achievements in life.

Having a goal is the first step in taking the reigns and gaining control of your life. Managing your achievements is so rewarding. Whether it's a goal of eating healthier, starting your physical fitness journey, or just making sure you follow your schedule for the day, that is an amazing start and guess what? These are all goals of mine.

I encourage everyone to try to set some goals, and see what it does for you. I bet that having meaningful goals will change your life, one achievement at a time.

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