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What I Learned from my First Transaction

Everyone starts somewhere, this is just what I learned from my first transaction.

  1. If you have a VA buyer, make sure you read up on the rules of a VA loan. If your brokerage has a transaction fee, people that have a VA loan can't pay that fee which means that you may have to come out of pocket for that. Be sure to discuss this with your brokerage or team.

  2. Make sure your buyer knows that the best option is to hire one inspection company for everything. If you hire multiple different inspectors that specialize in their own area, it can be timely. In this business, making the most out of your time is crucial, and if you hire different inspection companies with different availability it can waste A LOT of your time. You're better off going with a company that can do everything.

  3. Prepare your buyer for the inspection report. If you're dealing with a first time home buyer that isn't familiar with inspections, the report can seem daunting. It tends to be at the very least about 30 pages, but I've seen them as long as almost 100 pages. The inspectors job is to find everything imperfect with the home, make sure your buyers know this.

  4. If you don't know all of the answers, that's okay! I still don't know all of the answers. If I'm unsure of something I just say "I'll find out for you". Don't forget, you're there to make sure your buyer has representation in this process and to get answers for them, it's impossible to know everything there is to know.

  5. It's important to have a team by your side. When you begin your real estate career, you're going to have questions. Chances are, they're going to take a pretty high split, but without a team you may not be able to get the resources you need to complete a successful transaction.

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