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You're Ready to Make an Offer, Now What?

Let's just say, you've gone ahead and toured a property. You found the perfect home and you want it, now what?

  • If you don't have a REALTOR, find one. Having representation in the transaction is key to making the transaction go as smooth as possible.

  • Talk to your REALTOR about an offer. They will be able to pull up a CMA (comparative market analysis) to see what a fair market value of the property is. In the event of a competitive situation, they will be able to provide options and advice to best approach the situation. At this point your REALTOR should have a copy of your pre-approval or proof of funds, if they don't you'll need to provide that to them.

  • Sign the contract! Your REALTOR will draft a contract for you to review and sign, this is how we present your offer to the seller. Even REALTORs can make mistakes from time to time, so make sure it's what you and your REALTOR have talked about.

  • Wait. The seller may decide right then and there, or they might take a little while. Depending on the situation it can range from less than an hour to over a week. Stay in close communication with your agent, they should be updating you on the timeline of the seller.

  • If your offer is accepted, congrats! You're officially in contract, and the inspection period begins! If you're looking to learn more about inspections, here is a link!

  • If your offer is denied, don't be discouraged! Your REALTOR should continue to search for homes for you. If it's not meant to be its not meant to be, just keep looking!

Stay tuned for what the home buying process looks like from start to finish in my next post!

Questions? Contact me!

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